Friday, 15 October 2010

Paranormal Week - Character Questions



QUESTION #1 - Why does farming appeal to you more than aviking?

BALMUNG: I feel a connection with the earth. The roots of my crops symbolize my own roots ~ home, family and security. I am compelled to nourish and protect life, not take it, unless of course, I have no choice. I will do anything to protect those who belong to me, and I have.

QUESTION #2 - What went through your mind when you realized you traveled to 1930's Denmark?

BALMUNG: My first thought was to acknowledge the irony of the situation. I had all but mocked Time, insisting to my family that if I should find love, I would do so from my land on my terms.

Ha! Time has a quirky since of humor, for in truth, I never left my land, yet I had certainly left my Time. When I first set eyes on Iris and her four children, I knew that I had truly come home. All that had been missing from my life, from my land, had been Iris, and thanks to Time, I now had the love I had secretly longed for times four.

QUESTION #3 - What was the first thing you thought of when you saw Iris?

BALMUNG: That she was exquisite. Her skin was the color of a starless night, a tantalizing contrast to my Noetic paleness. Her eyes held intelligence, kindness, and, in time, trust, which humbled me greatly.

QUESTION #4 - Do you like time traveling?

BALMUNG: That is a difficult question to answer. As I have mentioned, Time took matters into its own hands by shifting me from my land in 908 to, well, my land in 1930. I am happy for my unexpected journey, because I gained a wife and four children. Yet Time saw fit to bring myself and my new family back to my world, and now that I have the love of my life here with me, I have no desire to travel through Time again.

QUESTION #5 - What's your favorite musical instrument?

BALMUNG: I have no musical ability what-so-ever, but I do love to hear Iris as she sings our children to sleep each night. Her sweet voice is the most beautiful instrument I can think of.


QUESTION #1 - Where are you and Nicholi planning on getting married?

MADISON: A Baptist church, if I have my way. Mated Smated. I am a Southern Deb, and Southern Deb's do not get hitched in the woods. That smacks of shacking up and I won't have it.

QUESTION #2 - Have you met any other wolves?

MADISON: Just my half brother Jonas, and apparently my dad who can keep a secret like nobody's business. I'm sure I'll have to meet Nicholi's side of the family sooner or later, but I'm putting that off until I see the size of my diamond.

QUESTION #3 - Have you ever seen a vampire?

MADISON: Vamp-what?! I'm just coming to grips with the werewolf stuff. I prefer my vampires safely tucked away in a nice Anne Rice book or on True Blood. That Eric is smoking hawt with a capital AWT!

QUESTION #4 - What's your favorite dish to cook?

MADISON: I don't cook. If Nicholi expects me to, he better have 911 on speed dial.

QUESTION #5 - Did you ever get a new Mustang?

MADISON: Please don't be crass. Ms. Stang isn't even interred yet. The service will be this Sunday. Mark Martin will be officiating.


QUESTION #1: When did you know Matthias was the one?

KATHERINE: Sigh… that magic moment? It was when we took a walk in my sister's garden during my birthday. I loved how his unusual eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Matthias was so attentive and he listened to what I had to say. And our dance! When we danced, my heart just soared and I just knew.

QUESTION #2: Did the thought of being an instant Mom scare you?

KATHERINE: No, not at all. Emily is such a sweet girl. She just wants to be loved and I know, from losing my own mother at a young age, that a mother's love means everything. I can give Emily something I never had and she'll thrive because of it.

QUESTION #3: Marrying Matthias means moving away from everything you knew and those you loved. Was that frightening to you?

KATHERINE: I was a little apprehensive, but not as I much as I thought I would be. I grew up reading books with adventure and excitement and finally I got a chance to experience my own adventure. Matthias, Janos, Lazlo, and Resa are all very kind. I do miss Liz, Ed, Paul, and my Uncle, but I would do it all over again.

QUESTION #4: What do you love most about Hungary?

KATHERINE: The beauty of the land. Budapest is a thriving city like London and the architecture is breathtaking. I love driving over the Széchenyi Bridge, walking along Fisherman's Bastian and taking boat rides on the Danube. The sky feels so close to the Earth, I could almost reach out and touch the clouds.

QUESTION #5: Lastly, I know Matthias howls at the moon, but have you ever though about doing a little howling yourself?

KATHERINE: I'm a little nervous about it. Someone has to stay human during the full moon for the kids. Maybe when I'm 35 I'll think about it.

READER FEEDBACK: Fess up – who would you like to be for Halloween: Balmung, the time traveling Viking, Madison Lee the werewolf who lives in Louisiana or Katherine Duma who lives in Hungary and is married to a werewolf?

JMO, Tami, and I hope you've enjoyed paranormal week and hope you enjoy the rest of your October. Are we out of Oreos again? (Steph & Tami suspiciously glare at JMO…)


  1. I loved the interviews, everyone! (yes, even Balmung's--lol)

  2. Steph, I wanted to thank you for interviewing me on Desert Breeze blog. (The pendants saw fit to move my brothers and I through time to an age with internet so we could see what you were about with this interview thing), My brothers scoffed at me when I answered the question of why I preferred to work the land rather than go a aviking! Although, truth be known, and as I was quick to point out to them, since they married their future lasses, they spend much less time pillaging and such.

    I was in great company what with Nicholi and Madison, and Katherine and Matthias, I enjoyed reading all about them and their love stories this past week. And although they would never admit it, Leif and Devyn both read the blog entries over my shoulder each day. Ofeig is... well, somewhere...I am sure he will return to the family, when Time sees fit to restore him home. It will be interesting to see who he brings with him, aye, my brothers and I all know that he will not return alone, for why would Time take him here and there, and not give him the love of his life?

    My brothers are waving me to them, the pendants are glowing a bight green and we all wish to return to our loves.

    Until next time, sweet Steph, a true bard if their ever was one, I am sure we shall meet again.


  3. Balmung,
    It was a pleasure to have you visit the blog. Thanks so much for spending a couple of minutes with me.