Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Featured October Release - Wagon Days by Gerrie Ferris

Engaged to charming Jack Rhodes, Laura Kate O'Connell, horsewoman and former reporter, finds herself mixed up in murder when she fills in for a missing hunting guide. While she figures out when to marry Jack, she must learn who among the list of suspects is a murderer. Is it a U.S. senator up for re-election, or the oil billionaire who is under investigation? What about the U.S. ambassador to several European countries, or the food network chef, or the popular radio talk show host?

Ambassador Bede Wickersham's hunting plantation, Beaver Ruin, is besieged at the gates by People United for Animals. He hosts the rich, famous and powerful at his hundred-thousand-dollar a week quail hunts. His second wife, Zoila, from Spain, and her younger brother bring their sizzling Spanish attitudes to the hunt. Lise, the ambassador's bed-hopping daughter brings her hatred for her father to the hunt, too.

With the help of a German Shorthair Pointer, Henk, Laura Kate goes after the murderer at the risk of her own life.


Bede Wickersham considered himself one lucky man. The first day of quail season had gone particularly well. Particularly well, indeed, since one of his guides had gone missing and he'd found a more than adequate replacement. Holding his frozen Jewel of Russia cocktail, he watched Laura Kate cut through the dozen or so men in the Grand Foyer. Laura Kate's chestnut hair swayed to the graceful rhythm of her stride as men quieted and smiled in her wake. Bede knew what was in each man's mind. Certainly they appreciated her slimness in a plain blue wool dress, just as they basked in her sapphire glance when it met theirs. Freckles sprinkled her tanned cheeks giving her face a tomboy look, but beneath the surface resided a sensuality that lent beauty to her vitality. Bede, like every man in the room, lusted for her.

"Mr. Ambassador," she greeted Bede, holding out a hand.

"Bede, please," he said, stroking her hand with his long fingers. He stood as tall as he could in his elevated shoes. All his life he'd wished for more height, but had to be content with five feet, seven inches. He possessed, however, magisterial bearing. He'd cultivated it in front of mirrors. As was the custom at apr├Ęs hunting cocktail parties, he wore an expensive blue sports jacket and tan wool slacks. His hand went to his throat, that part bared by an open collared shirt. "Those days are long past," he said. "I'm back to being a native good ol' boy."

Widening her beguiling mouth into a grin, Laura Kate withdrew her hand, and he ran his fingers through his white, thick hair and found himself staring into her sparkling eyes.

"Soon you'll be called on again as a special envoy to some hot spot in the world."

"Ah, but that's a short stint, not lasting," he replied.

"I hear you were quite successful this morning and afternoon," she said. "Two shells in the double." She mock loaded a double barrel under-over shotgun and held it to her shoulder. "Bam. A bobwhite drops. Bam. Another."


I grew up in Missouri, attended the University of Missouri and came South to write for The Atlanta Constitution. My beat was The South. I traveled the Tobacco Roads and the narrow, historic streets of New Orleans. I wrote about Natchez, Mississippi's unique history and Florida's diverse population. I have won numerous journalism awards.

When I retired, I knew I would write crime fiction. I covered crime for the newspaper. Real crime is sordid, with no romance or redeeming features. Justice often doesn't will out. Real people go back to miserable lives. Writing fictional crime gives me the opportunity to remedy that.

In 2000, Writers Showcase published Look Away from Evil.

In 2008, I was a two-time finalist in the St. Martin's Writing Contests: The first Private Eye Novel and the Malice Domestic first traditional contest.


Desert Breeze congratulates Gerrie on her latest release!

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