Monday, 4 October 2010

The Reviews are in!

by: Celia Yeary
There are good books, and then there are good books. The ones I’m talking about are the ones that when you reach the last page you feel as though you are losing contact with dear friends. That is how I felt when I finished Celia Yeary’s first book in her Cameron Sisters series, Texas Promise... This is a book I’d describe as a ‘keeper’. It will certainly stay on my e-shelf to be read again in the not too distant future. I will also be keeping my eye out for the sequel...If you have not read Celia Yeary’s books I highly recommend you start now."

Sherry Gloag -- The Heart of Romance Blog

"Texas Promise is the second book that I have read from this author...I love the female characters that this author creates -- they have such determination and strength of character even when all around them seems hopeless... This is the first of two books focusing on the lives and loves of the Cameron sisters. I look forward to revisiting such a rich and vivid setting to see what's in store for Jo's sister True."

Rose Love Western Romances Reviews
Rating = 4 Spurs

By: Faye Daniels

This was one fantastic suspense story and I could not put it down. I completed this in one sitting even though it was much too late and my eyesight was blurry but I just couldn't stop reading until I came to the end. I enjoyed everything about this book... This is a must-read for those who enjoy romantic suspense."

Theresa Joseph - The Romance Studio
Rating = 5 Hearts

by: Vijaya Schartz

White Tiger contains an adventurous action filled storyline in a world full of Humans, Godds, Reptoids, and Mutants. The world the author has created is both unique and extremely well constructed creating a feeling that is a little bit science fiction and a touch fantasy-like in nature. The character of Tora is especially well developed and realistic. She is strong, confident, stubborn, and loyal to a fault. Her unique abilities add spice to these personality traits.

Tami Brady, Amazon Reader
5 Stars

Schartz's writing is crisp, original, and filled with creativity. The plot is smooth, action-packed, and moves fast.From the first page to the last, "White Tiger" will take the reader for a breathless ride filled with action, adventure, myths, and love.

Stephanie Burkhart, Author of "The Hungarian"
5 Stars

by: PI Barrington, J. Morgan, Gail R. Delaney

"Leave it to P.I. Barrington to build a romantic thriller in space. This is an exciting read that keeps you off balance and wondering where the next revelation with happen (Inamorata Crossing...) This is a fun and engaging story and has the tone of a fairy story of old. It is as exciting as you would expect from a science fiction set in space, and the romance warms the heart. J. Morgan has created a fun and eventful story with characters that have sparkling personalities. They are so real it is like losing a friend when the story ends (Kiss me, Kate)... Sarina and Theron are both very strong and likable characters that make you want to cheer them on. Their feelings are deep and leave a lasting tug on your heart ( Forgive Us Our Debts)... Each story is unique to itself but all are set in the same time and place. They are charming stories of love and space, and as each story ends you feel as though you have lost a friend. This is a fast paced and exciting book full of danger and adventure and all brought together by love."

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