Friday, 29 October 2010

Author Spotlight week - Excerpt from Lawbreakers and Love Makers

Enjoy an excerpt from Toni's book, "Lawbreakers and Love Makers, today. In this scene, Zoe and the deputy, Jon, are just finishing a meal:

"Why don't you load those in the dishwasher while I dish up dessert?" Zoe said, moving a step further away.

Jon's eyes lit with anticipation. "Dessert?"

"Blackberry cobbler. I found a container of berries in the freezer and decided to put them to good use." From Jon's grin, he really liked dessert.

"When I was a kid we'd pick berries walking home from Lindo Lake, then talk Mom into making pie," he said.

Zoe dished up the treat, topped Jon's with a big scoop of ice cream, hers with a lot less, and filled two coffee cups. She followed Jon and the tempting aroma of fresh coffee outside, carrying the filled bowls.

"Dig in," she invited, serving him.

He did.

She adored watching a man enjoy something she'd cooked.

Jon said not one word until he'd scraped the last of the creamy syrup from his bowl, then looked up and grinned. "Unbelievable. If I come back, will there be enough left for tomorrow night?"

As if her heart had kicked its heels, Zoe's blood began surging through her veins. Was this Jon's way of making a date with her? Or just his way of assuring himself another serving of cobbler?

Either way, it was working. She gave him a quick nod.

"I can always make another. Dinner, too."

His eyes lit. "Don't go to any trouble..."

"I won't. I enjoy cooking."

"I'll get these," he said, and gathered the dessert bowls in his hands. "A woman who cooks as good as you do shouldn't be expected to clean up, too."

Yeah. His mother raised him right.

He loaded the dishwasher, filled both dispensers with detergent and turned it on, then dried his hands with a brisk air of finality that plainly said he was getting ready to leave. Suddenly, Zoe couldn't abide the thought of spending another long evening alone, even if Jon kicked her in the teeth again. She'd take the risk. She really needed company tonight.

"Want to watch a movie? Dad has On Demand."

"Mind if I take a rain-check? There's still all that--"

"Paper work. Yeah, I know."

"Oh, I almost forgot." He pulled a new looking lock from his pocket. "This is keyed like the Patricks' old lock. Here's your key back."

Warmed by his body, the key heated the palm of her hand.

Not a good idea, Zoe, letting your mind dwell on the contents of those pockets.

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