Sunday, 7 November 2010

Author Introduction - Welcome Author Jillian Chantal to the Desert Breeze Family

STEPH: Jillian, welcome to Desert Breeze. Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up?

JILLIAN: I spent my elementary school days in Virginia about thirty miles outside of Washington, D.C. where my father was in Federal Civil Service. We moved to Pensacola, Florida when I was in the sixth grade when his job relocated him. I loved living in Virginia where there was a distinct change of seasons. The move to Pensacola was kind of a shock- the two things I remember having the most impact on me were (1) the friendliness of the people. People would greet me on the street and say hello (or hey, in the vernacular) even if they didn’t know me. (2) The shocking lack of clothing. I came from a place where we wore knee socks, mid calf dresses and real shoes. I moved to a place where everyone had bare legs, flip flops and mini skirts. And most shocking of all, bare midriffs. I’m happy to say it took me less than a week to acclimate and, to this day, I abhor panty hose.

STEPH: Who were some of your favorite authors growing up?

JILLIAN: I adored all of the British writers. Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Noel Streatfeild.

STEPH: What genre do you write?

JILLIAN: I call it romantic adventure with an international flair. I think traditionally, it would be romantic suspense. I usually stay in the contemporary arena but my Desert Breeze Publishing upcoming release is a historical set in 1920.

STEPH: You have an upcoming release with Desert Breeze. Can you tell us when, the title, and let us know what it's about?

JILLIAN: July 2011 is the release date. It’s called Redemption for the Devil. It’s a 1920 historical. The hero is a member of the Irish Republican Army on a mission against the English. The heroine is an Irish lass that signs on to work on the RMS Mauretania to earn her way to America and a new life. Most of the adventure takes place at sea between Southampton and New York Harbor but there is an element of Chicago gangsters and Arctic exploration as well.

STEPH: Do you have an ebook reader? If so, which one?

JILLIAN: Yes, I have the Sony.

STEPH: Do you have any other books that are available

JILLIAN: I have a release in January 2011 called Solo Honeymoon. I also have a few short stories published under both this name and my real name. I use this pseudonym for my romance stories and my real name for the general fiction.

STEPH: Can you tell us a little about the state you live in?

JILLIAN: Florida is unique. It’s a huge state and from where I live, I can drive to North Carolina faster than I can get to Miami. I actually live eight miles from the Alabama line going toward Mobile. My part of the state is green and has lots of trees. The southern part is much more tropical. My hometown is a casual, fun, beach town. I love living here.

STEPH: Just for fun: pick your favorite: Monet, Picasso, or Renoir?

JILLIAN: Renoir- I like the fact that he uses people in his works. It is very hard to paint people that look realistic and I like realism.

STEPH: Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? Have you done it in the past?

JILLIAN: Last year was my first time doing NaNoWriMo and I had a ball with it. I got the 50,000 words written in 21 days. I later edited the story to 75,000 words and I’m proud to say it’s the story that Desert Breeze Publishing is releasing in July 2011. So, I’m definitely in again. This year, I’m writing a story that’s tentatively called Obsession. Who knows, it could be my next release with Desert Breeze!

STEPH: Where can we find you on the web?

JILLIAN: I have my own blog/website at and I’m also part of a group blog called the Southern Sizzlers where I blog every Saturday about the bad boy of the week, it’s called Badurday You can email me at


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  3. I look forward to the release of The Redemption for the Devil and Solo Honeymoon. I feel like I've known Dario forever. Great interview.