Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Shawna K. Williams shares her passion for Inspirationals

I write Inspirationals because my faith is a tremendous part of me. It affects how I process every experience in life. It's a beautiful thing and I enjoy including it in my stories. I guess it's along the lines of write what you know, or as I've been saying in some recent interviews, 'write who you are'. That way it’s genuine. What I mostly want to do is just write life stories about regular people. Some of my characters are Christians, so their faith comes into play in how they see the world and the decisions they make. It's where they find comfort and strength. Just like me. So, that's why I write what I do. It's what I know and who I am.

I absolutely plan to write stories other than Inspirationals. I want to write science fiction someday. There will still be faith elements; I don't think I can separate that out completely. My brain is always pondering the 'meaning of it all'. But the stories will be broader in scope; more focused on action and plot, and less of a character journey -- which is what my inspirationals are. Likewise, faith elements within the story are likely to be less personal, broader and possibly allegory.

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  1. Thank you for sharing why you write inspirationals, Shawna. I enjoyed reading your reasons for including faith in your stories. Your characters are so real that readers can easily identify with their joys and struggles as they grow as Christians.

    I think that's wonderful you want to write science fiction in the future.