Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Michelle Levigne shares her passion for Inspirationals

I think part of the fun of writing inspirationals, the attraction is the freedom to write openly what I believe, and to explore issues that question or challenge that belief.

Inspirational fiction allows me to talk freely, to preach without words -- to borrow from St. Francis. It allows me to stage a drama to show my faith in action, and explore the questions and problems. Because it's staged as fiction, there's a distancing, a safety zone, so to speak, and people are more likely to read stories than to read essays or listen to lectures. People who don't share my moral and spiritual beliefs are still likely to read my stories because they're good stories ... and some of what I believe might infiltrate, plant seeds, touch their subconsious.

Subversive, huh?
Like the old Mylon LeFevre album -- Sheep in Wolves' Clothing.


  1. Beautiful cover and I'm really intrigued by the premise of this book. I agree--really thoughtful and/or adventuresome Inspirationals can appeal to everyone!

  2. I love that kind of subversivity. It gives writing a higher purpose. Yet it's like you said - preaching without words - because ultimately, it's an art form. We write to entertain and the reader is to glean from it in his own way through his own perceptions. Haven't gotten to delve into your series yet, but it's on my list!