Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Shawna K. Williams shares her favorite movies

This question is probably the hardest for me to answer. I can't really say that I have a favorite movie. I have a lot of movies I like – for different reasons – and like my reading preferences, the list is extremely varied. I can say off the bat though, one genre I can't watch is horror. I absolutely hate being scared! Hate it! I like suspense, but even those I have to watch parts of from the other room, peeking around the door. Or at least hiding under a blanket.

Probably the only scary movies I like are the Alien movies, and they're really science fiction/action/suspense, and yes, I hide, but I still enjoy them. Since I'm on scifi, I'll go ahead and add all the Star Wars movies to my list of favorites, even Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. I like all six.

This leads me to Galaxy Quest, which is a science fiction parody. I quote this movie more than any other. It's great! Totally clever, addictive and it gets better every time I watch it. "Never give up. Never Surrender." My second most quoted movie would be another clever parody, and that's Oh Brother Where Art Thou. When I get frustrated it's all I can do to keep from blurting, "Damn, we're in a tight spot." Then I follow it up with the Galaxy Quest quote. My third most quoted movie isn't quite as clever, but it's still a "classic" (to some) and that would be Wayne's World. "If you hurl and she bolts, it was never meant to be."

Where was I? Other favorites movies are The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, because...Whoa... it's Epic! (Shwing!) I also love Titantic because it puts me on that ship when it went down. Some of my favorite character-driven movies are Fried Green Tomatoes and The Green Mile. My favorite childhood movie is E.T.


  1. "By Grapthor's hammer!" I LOVE that movie. A lot of the movie is kind of lost on non-scifi fans, thought. Lots of in jokes. But I laugh every time!

    Thanks for sharing your favorites.


  2. I never get tired of Galaxy Quest!

  3. I dearly love Fried Green Tomatoes! Epic! "I'm older and I got better insurance!"