Friday, 12 November 2010

Author Spotlight week - Excerpt from Behind the Scenes

Brenda stayed after rehearsal that night to get Tony's opinion on her latest short story. She and Max hung up costumes while he read. Max knew better than to watch him and try to predict his opinion from his face. Brenda hadn't learned that lesson yet, and she kept running into Max because she didn't watch where she went.

To make matters worse, every time they ran into each other, Brenda contorted her face, obviously trying to communicate something without speaking. Finally, Max caught her by the arm and led her around the shelving to give them a little privacy.

"What?" she whispered.

"He loves you." Brenda smirked and crossed her arms and leaned back against the shelving full of glassware.

"What?" Max barely remembered to keep her voice down, instead of shrieking it.

"You said that if Tony really loved you, he would jump on the next plane and come back from California. And he did that, didn't he?"

"He drove. No plane."

"Details, details." She slid an arm around Max's shoulders, drawing her closer. "So? How was it?"

"How was what?" She felt a little breathless, and about two steps behind. Nothing else. She couldn't seem to get her brain to keep up with Brenda. Maybe that was a good thing?

"The kiss." Brenda groaned and shook her twice. "I figure when a guy confesses his all-consuming passion, that demands a great kiss. So, was it great?"

"He didn't confess anything. And the way he smelled after driving all that way without stopping... no way was I going to offer." Max shivered, remembering how close she had come to kissing Tony. If her brothers and Rose hadn't been there, she suspected even the aroma of dirty clothes and hair wouldn't have stopped her.

"He didn't..." She scowled. "Well, did you confess to him?"

"Are you nuts?"

"No, but I think both of you are hopeless." Brenda sniffed, turned sharply on her heel, and stalked back to where Tony read and waited.


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