Monday, 22 November 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Q&A with Deborah Kinnard

Deborah Kinnard's latest book, Aloha, My Love, will be avail on 1 DEC, but we thought we'd gush about it this week on the blog. Here's a great Q&A with Deborah.

STEPH - I don't know much about Aloha, My Love. Can you tell us a little about the story?

DEB: Sure! It's a "second chances" story, in which a guy who's just been disappointed in love gets to try once more with his best (female) friend. A lot of healing occurs in this book, because these two "made for each other" people have been dancing around the love they have for each other for a long time...

STEPH - Aloha is set in Hawaii. How did you choose the setting?

DEB: It almost chose itself! My husband took me there for my 10th anniversary, and I loved it so much I knew I would set a story there. If you're listening, hon, I'd sure love to go back for our 25th!

STEPH: - How long did it take you to write Aloha?

DEB: It went very quickly. I'm not the fastest writer on the planet, but once I thought of the church singles taking a winter getaway to Hawaii, I knew exactly the story I wanted to tell.

STEPH - Have you ever been to Hawaii?

DEB: We went to Oahu and to the Big Island. I'd recommend the Big Island for sheer beauty against almost any other place on earth.

STEPH - Do you cast your characters? If so, who are the leads?

DEB: I never have. I prefer to visualize them as they take shape in my mind, and let my readers do the same as they read.

STEPH - How long have you been writing?

DEB: Non-seriously, since age 10. Seriously, since the late 80s. I first sold in 2002, so I guess I'm a 40 year overnight success.

STEPH: - Are you a plotter or a panster?

DEB: Totally, 110% pantser. I rarely plot anything out beforehand. I prefer to write "character-driven" fiction, and the characters don't always tell me what they're up to. The one time I tried to outline, the book bogged down and still isn't finished.

STEPH: - Do you have an ebook reader? If so, which one?

DEB: I don't ... but family, if you're listening, Christmas IS coming!

STEPH: - What was the last novel you read?

DEB: I've been writing so much, I can't think of the last one I picked up and then finished! LOL. I'm currently reading Carla Capshaw's print book GLADIATOR and Richard Mabrey's MEDICAL ERROR. I doubt I'll be finishing those anytime soon!

STEPH: - Any Holiday traditions you'd like to share?

DEB: My tacky plastic candle always goes on display every Christmas. My grandmother had one, and it was very dear to me. I suppose this was because it was mom used to give her a hard time about it. So naturally when I got my first home, I found one as close to Grandma's as I could. It's still plastic, still tacky...but it's what we do.

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  1. Deborah, this sounds lovely. What a location! I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon and didn't want to leave! Can't wait to read this. And I too, have a couple of those tacky items that are too close to the heart not to have around. Happy Thanksgiving!!