Sunday, 28 November 2010

Spotlight On: Borealis II Anthology


#1 - What's your Borealis story about?

Kal Raines is the war hero in disgrace who has been shunted to the armpit of the universe and tasked with keeping the dying station under control of the TPP. His world revolves around holding the station together with bubble gum and baling wire despite the prison on the lowest levels, Uudon addicts running around, pirates and thieves passing through and the occasional Rebel attack. It’s one administrative headache after another until he comes across Merri Sumner meditating in his arboretum. Little does he know she’s the infamous Rebel Agent, Bella Bleu there to do some networking and to determine if he’s convertible or beyond redemption.

#2 - How long did it take you to write?

About a month. The first draft flew by in two weeks. This one practically wrote itself. One day I was out running errands and found myself impatient to get home and finish reading my book. Then I realized I was chomping the bit to finish reading the story I was writing! Now that’s fun J

#3 - What attracts you to writing sci-fi?

I love the versatility of world building. The imagination has no bounds within the rules you create.

#4 - What's your favorite Sci-Fi TV show or movie?

I’m a Trekkie. Especially bonded with TNG. Love me some Picard and Ryker men. Rwarr.

#5 - Do you have an ebook reader? If so, which one?

I have a Sony, which I love to carry in my purse. At home I read most of my ebooks directly from my laptop, that way I can knit or crochet while reading. I feel guilty sitting down to “just” read. Doesn’t stop me from buying books, though!



#1 What's your Borealis story about?

Elijah Kess has been dispatched by the Rebellion to investigate the Uudon Trade on the Borealis. Persephone Talon has also been dispatched by Sarina Laroux to do the same thing. The story opens with an exciting chase as Elijah, deep undercover as a TPP enforcer chases an Uudon OD. Only Persephone finds the OD and they discover a patch. Soon, the two are trying to figure out what the patch does and how it relates to Uudon - and they step all over each other to do it.

#2 How long have you been writing and what's your inspiration?

I've been writing ever since I was 5, but seriously for publication, about 10 years now. I have a very active imagination and Juliet, my muse, never lets me sleep. (so to speak)

#3 What do you write besides Science Fiction?

Right now, I love writing paranormals, but I prefer to tackle werewolves and witches. The Hungarian is a paranormal romance set in England and Hungary in 1901. It's sequal, The Count's Lair, will be released in Feb 2011 and I have another paranormal, a bit darker, The Wolf's Torment, releasing in May 2011. I have a steampunk called Victorian Scoundrel coming out in July 2011. I have a horror short story in the Etheral Gazette that has a Lovecraftian influence called The Scorpion Temple, and a contemporary Christmas story called "Christmas in Bayeux" in the Victory Tales Press anthologies coming out. I try not to limit myself to any particuliar romantic subgenre.

#4 Do you have any special writing rituals? Candles, music, chocolate, coffee?

Coffee. Definately coffee.

#5 Do you read a specific genre and is it different from what you write?

I typically read romance, but I also like biographies and memoirs and new age stuff. I just finished reading Patrick Swayze's "The Time of my Life" and Sylvia Browne's End of Days. I love JK Rowling. I wouldn't consider her Harry Potter stuff romance, more fantasy adventure. As you can see, I get around in my writing - and reading.

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