Thursday, 11 November 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Michelle Levigne shares her favorite author

Aarrgghh! I hate this question. It's like asking a writer what her favorite book is, or a parent which one is her favorite child!

Okay, it'd have to be C.S. Lewis -- he wrote serious stuff, but he also wrote for kids and adults. He wrote fantasy and SF and poetry and some experimental stuff.

But it was his apologetics and his essays on writing that influenced me even more than his fiction. He stated in an essay once that he thought science fiction (I think he referred to it as "scientifiction" because this was still in SF's infancy) would be a great tool for the Kingdom of God. He in essence issued a challenge for other writers, future writers -- especially those who loved SF and fantasy -- to use fiction to serve the Kingdom.

And I essentially took up that challenge. I imagine meeting up with him in Heaven someday and asking if he thought maybe my stories measured up to his challenge.

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  1. Good choice! C.S. Lewis was a wonderful author. I can't wait for the new Narnia movie to come out in December! :)