Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Spotlight on: Borealis II Anthology - Character Interviews


#1 - What's it like running a space station like the Borealis?

The first several months I was here, I didn’t sleep more than three hours at a stretch. As soon as I’d try to drift off, I’d be called about some riot, break in, con artist or smugglers working their trade. Either that or some fool overdosed on Uudon. I’ve got just enough of a bad attitude about this whole situation that I don’t much care what people think so I don’t cut them any slack. Iron fist is what keeping control is all about. Until some damn Rebel gets it in his head to try and shoot us up.

#2 - Do you have any friends besides Max on the station?

Until Summer and her brother came along, I pretty much limited my social time to the occasional drink in the bars. Places like Korn are too loud for talking, but I find the cacophony oddly relaxing and mind clearing. Sure, I have a few I drifted to more than others, but I don’t play favorites. These days Summer keeps me too busy for hanging out.

#3 - What's your favorite bar on the station. *wink

Ah, ah, ah. No favorites I’ll admit to in public. Can’t afford it. But if I drop by one or two more often than others, well, I can justify it by saying that’s where the biggest troublemakers hangout.

#4 - What level on the station do you live in?

One down from the station arboretum. Yeah, it’s high and mighty, but I didn’t design the station to place the Commander’s quarters so far above the masses. I’m sort of stuck there because it has nearly all the same gadgetry as the Command Center in my den. The previous station commander also had it decorated in a way no one else wanted to live there. Thankfully Summer has fixed that problem, but I did convince her to save out one or two of the most, um, interesting items. The previous commander’s taste wasn’t all in his, er, mouth.

#5 - Do you have a favorite flower?

Funny you should ask that. Have you ever studied the delicate beauty of a simple bluebell? I’m told the sight of a bluebell wood in spring is a sight to behold. Someone has recently told me my eyes are the same color of blue. Anyhow, in the next couple of years there should be quite the display of them popping up around the station. Rumor has it the Bluebell Bunny, kind of like Earth’s legendary Johnny Appleseed, has been hopping around.



#1 - What is your favorite sandwich? What do you drink with it? Do you serve it in your bar?

I'm a meat eater because of the unique makeup of my body's chemistry and metalabolism. I need a lots of iron and zinc, so I like sandwiches with a lot of meat. My bartender, Viv, makes a killer sandwich with roast beef and argula on rye. It's available at the bar.

#2 - Tell us something about your home planet, Pith. What's the main attraction, what is it best know for?

Pith falls in the life zone of the star, Xeres. There's another planet just outside the life zone, Pylon, that could probably support life. Pith is unusual because the planet is on a tilt, much like the Sol system's Uranus. The provence where I come from, Hadon, is near the north pole, but the pole is on the same "line" as Earth's equator. Because of this tilt, the magnet properties are off the chart in Hadon. People from Hadon have developed telekinesis to keep the harmful rays away from our bodies.

The capital is Ares. There's a major space port there. The planet was rich in heavy metals and gemstones, but the TPP has it's tendrils into the mining processes.

#3 - What do you love most about Elijah or what does he do that drives crazy?

Elijah isn't intimdated by my telekensis or my limited telepathy. Most men are. He accepts me for what I am and that's what I love about him. That and his lips. He has the most kissable lips!

#4 - What was your favorite toy as a child?

A metallic sensor ball. It's the size of a baseball. I honed my telekinsis playing with it.

#5 - What were you doing five minutes ago?

Eating breakfast with Elijah!


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