Monday, 29 November 2010

Spotlight on: Borealis II Anthology

SHEA MCMASTER talks about how she got involved in the Borealis:

I’ve been asked, how was it I came to be involved in the Borealis anthology. Simple. J. Morgan. My beloved blog partner pegged me right off the bat. Originally five stories were planned. He was to write the first story, and I was to bring up the rear, wrapping up the five story Anthology. Well, like all fun things, the project grew. And a few stories got swapped around. Still, though I whined, the anchor position remained mine. Seriously, writing a 25-30k story and include wrap ups of everyone else’s as appropriate? It’s an intimidating prospect.

So, for inspiration, I read Gail’s story. Then I brainstormed with Jmo. I twisted the story lines around in my head and slowly Kal came to me, followed by Summer. I read a few kick-ass writers, such as Jennifer Crusie and Linnea Sinclair, and they fueled my imagination. Around mid-May, I felt the pressure to write. At that point I thought the deadline was June 30. Someone forgot to tell the Book II people it had changed. But that’s okay. The pressure was on and the story came alive. In fact, I finished before Jmo, which allowed us to ping ideas off each other. I love writing with that man at my back. He keeps me fresh.

Anyhow, once I got going, that’s all she wrote. Um, well, I guess you know what I mean. I started writing and didn’t stop until the characters let me go. Actually, they haven’t entirely let me go, but they did shove me out of their quarters. Just as things were getting really interesting too. Maybe my alter-ego, Morgan O’Reilly, can follow up there.


STEPHANIE BURKHART talks about how she got involved in the Borealis:

I was at lunch with Gail and Jen and Gail was talking about her story for the Borealis. I listened intently. I love Sci-Fi, but had never tackled it in my writing. Gail went on to talk about the Borealis with such gusto I wanted to be a part of it. At that point, all the stories were taken but she said she'd keep me in mind for a future project.

About two weeks Gail tapped me on the shoulder. Want to write a story for the Borealis? I said 'yes!' Gail gave me the outline for my story: Elijah Kess was dispatched to the Borealis to gain info on the Uudon trade. Heroine was dispatched by Sarina and neither know about the other's mission but they keep stepping on each other's toes.

I started writing the story around Easter and finished mid-June. The heroine was mine to come up with. So I sat back and looked at Elijah Kess. Elijah was such a Biblical name. He was a good guy, well trained, a soldier. A true hero, filled with light and believing in his cause. What kind of woman would attract him? The opposite of what he was. And it would play into the "theme" of the story, stepping on each other's toes.

Persephone Talon was born. Think Kellan Lutz for Elijah and Frieda Pinto for Persephone. Both are attractive, but "opposite" in looks. Persephone's name was inspired by the Greek goddess of the underworld. She runs an "underworld" bar, Korn and she comes from the Hadon Provience of Pith. I sprinkled a little Spock on her and gave her unlimited bank account and a heroine was born.

Then I gave Esther Mitchell a ring. "Esther, can I have Libby in a couple of scenes?" She said sure. I coordinated with Esther and Shae on some subtle point crossovers and if anything that was the hardest part because you want to be true to their characters they're writing.

Overall, I had a blast. The Borealis rocks.

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